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Researchers, historians, and tour companies of note and respectability

A pay-what-you-can non-profit tour company dedicated to creating a deeper understanding between people and their spaces.
The mission of Chicago for Chicagoans is simple: to educate residents about the places they inhabit, creating lifelong bonds and a deeper understanding between people and their spaces. Chicago for Chicagoans believes in accessibility of information, and conducts programming on a "pay-what-you-can" basis. Everyone deserves opportunities to learn about their surroundings, no matter what their financial situation may be!

Historian, author, and Mysterious Chicago founder has been leading tours in Chicago and New York for over a decade.
Mysterious Chicago is run by Adam Selzer. Adam is the author of more than a dozen Chicago history books, appears on TV all the time, and has been a tour guide for over a decade. He’s run ghost tours, architectural boat tours, and a whole lot more for several companies before forming Mysterious Chicago. Adam is a first rate Chicago historic researcher and has spent several lifetimes in the archives to find the truths that lie buried in the past.