Can't find your address?

Historical research can be tricky, but there are a few things you can do to help find what you're looking for.

A Chicago greystone against a blue sky

If you can't find your addresss...

  • Your address might not exist! Not all addresses in Chicago existed before 1909, some may have been mis-recorded, and some just frustratingly seem like they don't exist.

  • How are you entering the address? Some old addresses are listed with the direction attatched to them, i.e. 18w. If it is, try searching for the number 18w w Streetname.

  • The street name might have changed. Streets have been renamed for various reasons throughout the years, so you might be looking for one that doesn't exist anymore. (Fun fact: there was once a Fake Street in Chicago, but it was renamed after residents complained no one believed that they lived on Fake Street!)

  • Is it misspelled? It's not uncommon to find multiple ways to spell things, especially when you go back 100+ years. Check for multiple spellings of the same place.

  • Check for variations. If you're looking for the old address of, say, 800 W Belmont, look for 800 Belmont, 800 Wear Belmont, etc.